#76 The Sentric Music Podcast October 2016

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  • Song Name: #76 The Sentric Music Podcast October 2016
  • Artist: Sentric Music
  • Album: The Sentric Music Podcast
  • Year: 2016

Brexit, Donald Trump, terrorism, Bake Off moving to Channel 4... Guys, if Billy Joel doesn’t do a 2016 remake of We Didn’t Start The Fire he’s missing a right trick. In these troubling times what could possibly bring a smile to that weary face of yours? Well a podcast featuring some bloody wonderful new music that’s what! This month featuring…

Nick Waterhouse (Feat. Leon Bridges) //
Tall Ships //
Sticky Blood, Coco & Snowy //
Get Inuit //
Snøffeltøffs //
XY&O //
Bryde //
Mullally //
Kyle Forester //
Jaws //
Janet Devin //
Truckfighters //