#71 The Sentric Music Podcast April 2016

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  • Song Name: #71 The Sentric Music Podcast April 2016
  • Artist: Sentric Music
  • Album: The Sentric Music Podcast
  • Year: 2016

April. The clocks have gone forward. Spring has sprung. Your commute home is now during a glorious sunset instead of the abject misery of darkness. So what better way to improve the aesthetic of mother nature than soundtracking it with a handful of wonderful songs performed by rather bloody exciting musicians from around the world? This month including…

Saint Phoenix //
Hannah Lou Clark //
I Set The Sea On Fire //
Luke Cusato //
Slowlights //
Shannon Wardrop //
Coral Bones //
Swimming Tapes //
Sarah P //
Veyu //
Dansor //
The People The Poet //