#60 The Sentric Music Podcast April 2015

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  • Song Name: #60 The Sentric Music Podcast April 2015
  • Artist: Sentric Music
  • Album: The Sentric Music Podcast
  • Year: 2015

Sixty. Sixty! That's two ponies plus an Ayrton Senna if you're a cockney, LX if you're a Roman, or "about fifty too many, Simon" if you're anyone else in the Sentric office.

I tell you what though, it's a bloody doozie this month with tracks from...

Collectors Club //
Crocodiles //
Ian Britt //
Pariis Opera House //
Acre Tarn //
The People The Poet //
Girl Friend //
She Drew The Gun //
The Coopers //
New Desert Blues //
King No One //
More Than Conquerors //