#59 The Sentric Music Podcast March 2015

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  • Song Name: #59 The Sentric Music Podcast March 2015
  • Artist: Sentric Music
  • Album: The Sentric Music Podcast
  • Year: 2015

I've given up 'giving up things for lent' for lent. So join me, with a big glass of gin & a substantial sized bar of dark chocolate, put your gym kit back in the wardrobe where it belongs and let's have a listen to some rather marvellous new music, eh? This month featuring...

Hidden Charms //
Stealing Sheep //
Brawlers //
Hayden Calnin //
Assassin Street //
Salute //
Antonio Lulic //
The Baltic States //
Angus MacRae //
New Motion //
Abacus Explosion //
Black Foxxes //
James Njie //