#55 The Sentric Music Podcast October 2014

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  • Song Name: #55 The Sentric Music Podcast October 2014
  • Artist: Sentric Music
  • Album: The Sentric Music Podcast
  • Year: 2014

My cockles are chilly. I said cockles. How about fifty odd minutes of the best new music you might not have heard before to help warm you up? That'd be nice, eh? You could even listen to it in the dark when you sit in your front room with all your lights off on Halloween to convince those trick or treating 'kids' (who are clearly in their late teens and shouldn't be doing it anymore) that no one is home. This month including...

Glass Caves //
Allman Brown //
Saint Motel //
Oslo Parks //
OneGirlOneBoy //
Wooden Arms //
Def Manic //
Holly Drummond //
Spring King //
Azedia //
Houdini Dax //
Oscuro //